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An all-in-one Wolfenstein 3D editor. · By adambiser, Fascimania


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WDC 1.18.403
Just a quick fix for 32-bit GAMEMAPS lengths: Fixed: GAMEMAPS now must be compiled when closing Project Information after setting it to 32-bit lengths. Fixed: C...
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WDC 1.18.402
Added support for GAMEMAPS with 32-bit lengths and set the maximum map size 512x512 when this setting is in effect. This setting is found in "Other Options" on...
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WDC 1.18.401
Fixed a few more bugs: Fixed: Exporting multiple maps was exporting the wrong map names. Added: Map Tools->Map Tile Statistics now defaults to the current map e...
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WDC 1.18.400
A few minor fixes and changes; Fixed: Map Tools->Mass Replace for the object plane and higher now works. Added: Map Tools->Mass Replace now defaults to the curr...
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WDC 1.18.399
Main new feature in this release is the ability to export in UWMF format for use with ECWolf. This feature is somewhat experimental and might go through some ch...
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